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Point, Line and Plane

This image was created in Illustrator and is an example of how points, lines, and planes are used as the basics of design. -  Jessica S.

Observing points, lines and planes on campus. - Liz Agans

- Liz Agans

- Lauren Dresbach

- Lauren Dresbach

Observing the use of point line and plane in objects that we see everyday.
Micole Alkabes - Art 291

 - Nicole Brener ART291

Ashley McKevitt - ART 291

Ashley McKevitt - ART 291
These photos express the basics of design (point, line, and plane) found in nature.

Annika Jensen - ART 291

6 photographs that reveal point, line, and plane in everyday life.
- Matt Wallach

Three abstract designs, each utilizing only one element of design.
(line, plane, and point, respectively)
- Matt Wallach